Dear Peggy, 

Thank you so much for keeping our family functional and happy!

With Love,

Ps.  My son sends you a very special HELLLO!

Dear Peggy,

Our daughter just celebrated her 16th birthday. She seems to be doing well! Someday we will give you a call and see your horse & chickens!


On this page, you’ll find excerpts from letters and emails

I have received. 

How do I thank you for saving my life? I guess I just did....

...What has been wondrous this holiday season is that we have actually done many more things together as a family than we would have if our daughter and her friends had not gotten into trouble. Our daughter has gotten back in touch with her artistic side - she is drawing more now than she has in the past year! She's definitely got talent. She and her brother have been getting along better since the night they had a session together [with you]. My husband and I are both grateful for these moments as they unfold. We know things won't go perfectly all the time, but this gives us hope! These are the best Christmas presents ever!

Thank you so much for showing us how to go about getting that hope back!



Thanks for meeting with the boys on such short notice. They are doing much better.

p.s. Every time The Examiner comes to the house, the first thing I do is scour it for your ad. They're always so delightfully abstract and quirky. I think that's what prompted me to write you.

Hi Peggy,
I wish you and your family a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.
Peggy you are one of the people I am most thankful for. I appreciate you.

...Thank you again for all of your help! Even though I have not been in for a visit lately the benefits of my therapy continue to make a difference. I will be in touch...

...Thanks for giving me back my sense of humor. I never thought I would laugh at this stuff! What a relief...

Dr. Peggy,

I wanted you to know I graduated from college. I got my degree in Psychology! I am moving to LA next week though to pursue a career in the film industry, seeing as my second major was in communications. I graduated with Honors, and could not have done it without the support system I grew up with, of which you were a big part. You have been an incredible person to me. I wish you all the best and hope we can stay in touch!


Hi Peggy,
We were pleasantly surprised to receive your letter and [overpayment] check in the mail. The money was very timely and went back into the economy right away.
Since we have last seen you, things have been going very well. Thank you so much for putting us on the fast track to getting our family back. We had a fantastic summer...
What a difference from last year. My husband and I often say, “What would Peggy tell us to do?” We are so thankful for the direction you gave us.
Happy New Year,

Of course, because my work must remain confidential, I have eliminated all the identifying information. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do!

Romeo is such a clown!

Thanks for your efforts with our son Peggy..... He appears to be doing great and I feel he is going to be successful going forward to finish out the school year and in the future going into middle school.  Your letter that you sent was perfect and they were actually all tuned into stopping the tutoring so that our son did not have to be pulled out of the classroom...

Dear Peggy,

I’m not going to describe how much gratitude I have for what you have done for me; this card is too small. Please accept this small token as a reminder of how you’ve helped this life breathe easier. I see you as one of the most successful people, and you have helped inspire me to enjoy the journey toward my personal success.

Best Wishes

Dear Peggy,

...I still think of you and all that you said. I am much indebted to your wisdom.

I wish you well,

Hi Peggy,

I have wanted to write to you for months now! Finally!

Just wanted to let you know that our daughter is doing really well! :-) ...
I often think about you and how you were (are) a special part of her life and were a part of helping her through difficult things. Thank you again!
Hope all is well with you, your husband, and sweet pets :-). 
I just referred someone to you....and will continue to.
Take care,

I have tried numerous times to put into writing what Dr. Peggy, as we call her, has meant to my family and each time I come short of expressing my true feelings. I realize that it is actually impossible to express how deep my gratitude is.

Dr. Peggy is a very warm, personable, and professional person. She treated my son when he was a deeply depressed eight-year-old child. My son felt that he had no friends and that no one understood him. He cried every day to the point that he had to be removed from his school classroom for hours at a time. Classmates would then make fun of him and even resorted to beating him up. My son had built up a wall around himself and was sinking deeper and deeper into depression.

Dr. Peggy emotionally took my son by the hand and led him out of his enclosure. She was kind and gentle and earned his trust immediately. She was able to do for him what others had tried and failed. She gave him the tools that he needed to use not only to protect himself, but to teach him how to build up his own self esteem.

I look at my child and I remember the sleepless nights, the tears we both shed, and the loving talks we would have as we both started to heal. You would not recognize my child today. He has grown into an amazing teenager. He has all honors classes and excels in his schoolwork. He has a small group of friends and he feels good about himself. When old feelings start to steep in, my child knows how to handle the situation. He talks about Dr. Peggy with nothing but true admiration and refers to her as his friend. 

I can only conclude this letter by saying that I trust Dr. Peggy with my sons’ life. I would recommend her to anyone with the highest praises.

I have known Dr. Peggy Gower for over 18 years.  She consults on cases with colleagues, as well as manages her own case load.  She uses a cognitive behavioral approach, and is very proactive about teaching her clients skills they can use in their lives.  

One of the things I love about the way Dr. Gower works is that while compassionate, she is direct, and knows just how much confrontation clients can handle to move them along their path.  Her goals are to give her clients skills to use in the outside world, thus making therapy as short as possible.  She is willing to try many approaches rather than be stuck in one mode if a client is not moving ahead.  She tells it like it is, and this prepares clients in a way that handholding and commiserating never does.  I would never hesitate to recommend clients to Dr. Gower.

Cookie Rosenblum, M.A.

Great Weight for Life